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Long Term Care Services & FAQS

Dr Carlos Figueroa, MD, clinical medical director for our LTC Psych services program works hand in hand with our team of highly trained Nurse Practitioners to address the needs of patients in our local Long Term Care facilities. Dr Figueroa, who is an Academic Physician and continues to teach residents at the USC MD residency program in the Psychiatric Specialty, has been caring for patients in a variety of setting for many years.

Services provided at the LTC facilities:

Initial Psychiatric Evaluations

Medication Initiation and adjustment’s as needed

Medication maintenance

Documentation to meet DHS Title 22 Requirements

Referrals for psychotherapy

Working with individual facilities and meeting their regulatory needs is also a component of this program. Please contact Grace Valdez-Maguire FNP-C, Director of Long Term Care Services, if your facility is interested in having services start.

Huntington Geriatric and Family Medical Group provides care in all the various long term settings listed below and is available for request’s and recommendations for families regarding facility placements in the Pasadena and greater San Gabriel Valley Area.

A. Independent Living Facilities- This level of care is often called a ‘Retirement Community’. This level of congregate living is often limited to individuals above a certain age and these are facilities are available from the basic services living services to luxury high end living. Residents in Independent Living are just that – totally independent. Residents live independently in apartment style accommodation, and come and go as they please. Services might include some meals, housekeeping, safety, security and some social programs. Some people confuse Independent Living and Assisted Living and justifiably so – they are very similar.

B. Assisted Living-This refers to a style of living. Assisted refers to the type of physical assistance rather than monetary assistance. In Assisted Living facilities, like Independent facilities, residents may live independently in apartment style accommodations, and can come and go as they please. Residents are usually provided meals, light housekeeping, safety, security and social programs. Additional assistance and planned care, such as bathing, dressing and assistance with medication is available upon request for an additional fee.

C. Assisted Living with Dementia Care (or a ‘Memory Care’ Program)- This type of congregate living provides social and basic intermitten nursing services along with a structured dementia program to enhance quality of life. Focusing on symptom control & security of those afflicted with the various forms of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

D. Skilled Nursing Facilities-Skilled nursing is a term that refers to a patient’s need of care or treatment that can only be done by licensed nurses. Examples of skilled nursing needs include complex wound dressings, rehabilitation, tube feedings, or a rapidly changing health status. Skilled nursing facilities, often times referred to as nursing homes, are residential facilities where patients can receive skilled nursing services 24 hours a day. Medicare will pay for short term skilled nursing facility services if an individual has met the eligiblity requirements by CMS for Medicare Part A coverage which include a qualifying stay inside an acute hospital and requires continued skilled services and/ or various therapies.

E. Rehabilitation Facilities- These are often “rehabilitation” services (i.e., Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Audiology, Recreational Therapy) that are offered in skilled nursing facilities. HGFMG providers attend to patients at Huntington Memorial Hospital. There are Acute Rehabilitation units at various hospitals and some hospitals that specialize in this type of care.