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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Will Medicare pay for my family member in a Nursing Home?

A.Medicare will only pay for qualified skilled nursing care, often very short term. All Long term care, often called custodial care, is privately paid for. The other option is to see if the individual qualifies for California’s Medical Welfare Coverage, know as Medi-Cal.

Q.What is a Geriatrician?

A.A geriatrician is a doctor who specializes in care for people 65 and older. A geriatrician cares for the special needs of changing seniors. Geriatricians approach each patient’s needs individually, and possess the knowledge and expertise needed to accommodate seniors. They are typically board certified in internal medicine and have additional training in areas pertaining to elder care. They can better address issues such as memory loss, arthritis, osteoporosis, mobility and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Q.What is a Nurse Practitioner?

A.A nurse practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse (RN) who has completed advanced education (a minimum of a master’s degree) and training in the diagnosis and management of common medical conditions, including chronic illnesses. Nurse practitioners provide a broad range of health care services. They provide some of the same care provided by physicians and maintain close working relationships with physicians. An NP can serve as a patient’s regular health care provider.

Q.Can HGFMG see people younger than 65?

A. Yes.